A new start

My website got pretty outdated over the last ten years, I guess. I didn't only use it to show some of my projects, hobbies and interests, but also to try out PHP, MySQL and web technologies. That meant I did all the programming myself. YAML was the only CSS framework I used on the previous incarnation of the site.

But my free time got more and more limited, so I had no chance on keeping all that up. So, I decided to try out something new. The site is now powered by Ghost. Not only the technical aspect changed with that decision, but also the format: Previously, I hand-crafted static, categorized pages for my projects. And now it is a blog!

The idea isn't new, not even for technical and electronic sites out there. More and more of the sites I come across are blogs or they are written in an article-like style. So, that's what I'm going to try, too! I hope to find the time to move some of my old - but interesting - projects over, but I should try to focus on new things first ;)

If you are interested in my old page (German only), check out the archived version.